Our Publications

1) Tecnical Note: The importance of the Rio Formoso estuary to biodiversity and economic sutainability  (2019) 

2) NOTA TÉCNICA SEMAS/CPRH N.o 02/2019 (2019)


In 2019, the IMAT received a request from the Pernambuco State Secretariat of Environment (SEMAS/CPRH) to assist in the production of a technical note against the construction of a large boat port in the Rio Formoso estuary. In it we emphasize the importance of ecosystems for biodiversity and local economic sustainability.

In the first file (1) you will see our Tecnical Note about the importance os the estuarine ecossystem to the diversity and conservation of fish species and to sustain human populations who subsist from it. All our arguments are based on our researches that have been made in the past 20 years.


The second file (2)  is the official tecnical repport made by the SEMAS/CRPH wich uses our Note as reference to argument agains the port construction.

Book: "Reef fish ecology in Pernambuco"  (2018)


In this work the organizers compile much scientific information available in articles and book chapters, most of them not yet published, in a textbook with characteristic examples of research carried out on the coast of Pernambuco, Brazil. In this State, beaches and mangroves are clustered on a reef-protected coast, which allows for the existence of a great diversity of integrated ecosystems responsible for the life of many aquatic organisms.

This tropical variety has always attracted the human presence, whose ecological services generate social, economic and environmental welfare. Anthropogenic actions in fl uence the faunal communities that inhabit these ecosystems, with special emphasis on reef fish, the object of this book. To provide the reader with current elements, the book was structured in thirteen chapters and in two parts, the first being theoretical and the second with case studies.

Book: "Fishermen histories: Environment, fishing resources and tradition in Rio Formoso - Pernambuco" (2014)

Within an ichthyological approach, the main objective of this book is to rescue the mores and subsistence activities of fishermen from Rio Formoso (Pernambuco-Brazil), emphasizing their fishing culture. The results were obtained through interviews and photographic and videographic records, in order to enhance the profile of these communities. The account of their rich stories, respecting and cultivating their knowledge, will serve not only as a memory for future generations, but also as pride for this generation. The work maintains the popular language directed to fishermen, without losing, however, the academic bias of the research. This book is a gift from Rio Formoso fishermen to all of us, who respect and admire the popular knowledge of their traditions and experiential integration with nature.

Research Articles


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