In 1995, Professor Ph.D. Cassiano Monteiro Neto, started the activities and studies on fish abundance and distribution, definitively creating the Tropical Marine Ichthyology (IMAT) group.

Two years later IMAT is coordinated by Professor Maria Elisabeth de Araújo. Since then, the group has been expanding its lines of research and continues to work towards contributing to the knowledge of the ecology of northeastern coast fish communities, and the preservation of the areas in which these communities live. Recently, the IMAT have started researching about ethnoconservation and coastal management with artisanal fishermen.

IMAT's concerns range from the large group of fish, from large predators to small beings who are fundamental to the process of recycling marine life.

Our research is mainly conducted on estuarine ecosystems and reef environments, considered to be the richest, most abundant and complex ocean ecosystems.

In addition, we carry out conservation and ethnobiology research, seeking ecological awareness, environmental education and scientific technical enrichment. All are no less important targets.

Grupo de Ictiologia Marinha Tropical

Departamento de Oceanografia

Centro de Tecnologia e Geociências

Universidade Federal de Pernambuco

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